Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Help! My car keeps overheating and I can't find the problem.?

I have 1998 Honda Civic DX 2DR 4 cylinder.

I recently changed three of my sensors. 1. In the thermostat housing. 2. and 3. The two underneath the distributor cap. The gage sensor, and i believe it's called the Cooling Fan Switch.

Before i've changed them, i put a switch in my car, so when i turn on the ignition, the fan automatically runs. I wanted to finally fix it, cause i figured the motor will be wearing out. So today after i've changed three of the sensors, and installed a new thermostat. It automatically shoots up saying my car is overheating. I thought it could be electrical, something with my PCM and fuses, but i checked my fuse box inside the hood and everything works. I checked the fuse panel under my steering wheel, and i'm pretty sure everything works, due to the fact my turn signals, horn, dashboard etc. works. I have no idea why it keeps overheating, I put coolant in my water reservoir and also radiator before i turned on the car to see if my fan works. I started the car without the switch on. My fan never went on, after changing three of my sensors and changing the cooling fan relay. I put the switch back in and while driving my car for work, all the coolant that i have had in my water reservoir was sucked up and gone. I put water in the water reservoir about and hour and half later, gone. I let my car cool down and left it alone for about 2-3 hours. I then put coolant in my water reservoir this time, and driving home, (5 min drive) the temperature gage on my dashboard was saying its hot not even driving it for 3 minutes, it usually takes my car about 7-10 minutes maybe a little less to get to where the temperature gage should be. While driving the car home, remember a 5 minute drive, the water reservoir start heating up and steam was exiting out of the reservoir. Keep in mind that i also put the switch back in and the fan was running the whole time. I have no idea why after changing the three sensors and installing a new thermostat my cars tells me its overheating. I hope what i just wrote down can be helpful whoever decides to answer this question, and give feedback. any help is much appreciated.
Help! My car keeps overheating and I can't find the problem.?
The first thing to check is the water pump. Is it working? When the car decides its hotter than the thermostat (I believe yours is a 190* thermostat) it opens up and starts circulating water. If the water pump is bad the upper hose will be real hot and the lower hose will still be cool. Reach down there and check it with your hand, is it hotter than the upper hose? If so waters not circulating. Another thing with those engines is sometimes you are filling the radiator and the water is not getting inside the engine, then it just kinda vacuum locks and it never gets to cool the engine. But from what I read of your novel you wrote up there I doubt that's whats happening. If your over heating first check to make sure you have coolant, next do the hose check to see if your getting circulation, the cold lower hose can also be a result of a plugged radiator. Next check the thermostat. I like to remove the thermostat and run the car with out it when I suspect its the problem, if it is the car will be fine with it removed. Then just replace it with a new one. With the engine running squish the upper hose to restrict it. If you feel the water/coolant rush fast as soon as you let go then you know the pump is working. At that point you will need to look at the radiator. Looks like I ended up writing an answer almost as long as your question...
Help! My car keeps overheating and I can't find the problem.?
air block.cracked head, head gasket, could leave the thermostat out and see wat happens.
Let me be honest.

I didn't read that saga you call a question.

But I'm a take a shot that it's a lemon.
OK, well ,, what ya need there is a new fan on the radiator , A completely new fan assembly . you can check the fan by jumping the wires to see if the fans working ,, If it's not , replace it ,, if it is , then run a wire to the fan from the fuse box, then back to a switch that you will install on or under the dash . Just remember to turn on the switch everytime you start the car , Or run it the hot wire to the fan from the ignition side of the fuse box , that way you will get power to the fan when ever you start the engine If it's not really over heating ,, then ya might have to go into the computr and reset the notifiers , the sensor codes are still reading it because they werent reset .. This might help ya ,, without seeing and looking for ones self , It's hard , but since you went the whole route try that one ... Auto zone can tell ya how to reset the codes , .. C~~YA !!!
Sounds like Head Gasket, now for what this little thing is it is a major job. 10p worth of equipment but half engine has to come out to get to it. Looking at approx 拢200 all up - sorry :)

Ask garage if they takle Paypal as a company I called about a briefcase didn't advertise it but they happy to send me invoice -m you won't know til you ask
If there's no obvious signs of a water leak, i.e. a puddle under the car then the only other cause is a head gasket problem. Check the underside of the oil filler cap and if there is a creamy emulsion on it then its a dead giveaway.
well you seem to have a leak some where if you keep putting water in it maybe a head gasket or the return hose on the bottom of the radiator or a crack in the radiator you need to find the leak first if you can't see water spill out any where try and put your hand buy the tail pipe and see if you get water on your hand when the car is running if you have water on your hand smell it and if its anti freeze then you have a bigger promblem than that but yea find that leak first